2016 May

21 May 2016
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Popular Front exhibition at Paris Hotel de Ville

I won’t teach you anything here but there is often rain between two sunny spells! Paris is no exception and unfortunately it doesn’t boast a micro climate. The weather being a bit unstable at the moment, and rather than having to dodge through the rain, here’s a smart idea to find shelter if you happen […]

15 May 2016
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Roland Garros 2016

If you’re a lover of tennis, travelling all the way to watch the French Open here’s a few tips. Or perhaps you’re the odd one out of the family just accompanying your family and not so hooked on the sport. Then why not have a break between matches and take the opportunity to discover Paris. […]

9 May 2016
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What to see in spring 2016 in Paris

Here’s some events to go to before hitting the scorching hot tennis courts of Roland-Garros next week, and the Euro soccer cup in June, I almost forgot about that 😉 Write this down in your diary for Saturday May 21! For the twelth year in a row “La nuit européenne des musées” will allow you […]

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