Bikes of the future come to Paris with Velib 2

13 November 2017
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Do you like riding bikes? Get ready to try the new and innovated Velib 2, the electric bikes of Paris which will be ready to circulate for 2018.

Parisians, like many other citizens of European cities, are slowly moving towards an ecological lifestyle. The Velib service is successful in the city. It is very common to see Parisians riding their bikes and it is rapidly becoming a worldwide trend.

Velib 2 will provide the 300 000 users and the new subscribers –like me- with electric powered bikes (about 30% of the total fleet). The traditional mechanical bikes will still be the majority but they will have new features. Besides the electric feature, the new Velib will provide a system of “hyper-connectivity.” This means that the bike will be able to “interact” with your smartphone for a better and more effective service. Feeling in the future yet?

The company also promises “five times less vandalism.” We all know that Paris, like every place in the world, has some citizens –to not call them anything else- who steal or vandalize public property. Which apparently is one of the main problems for the Velib because it has a system which is easy to mock and many people end up stealing the bikes. It is calculated that there were 18 000 bikes stolen per year. Now, the Velib 2 will have a better security system. It includes a “fork shaped” chain, which will activate the second the bike is put back in its place. Every bike will also be equipped with an electric system that will block the bike’s direction if it has been removed by force. So, thieves won’t be able to roll away with Velib 2.

Other problem that the company addressed with this new Velib is the availability of space to put back the bike. Many of my friends who use this system constantly complain about the fact that sometimes it is a pain to put the bike back because the station is full. What they do is check beforehand in the app if there is space in the station where they are going, if there is no space, they find other way of transportation. But apparently, the company noted this issue and now the new version provides a solution. They will now provide a system to put one bike on top of the other with a chain to hold them, so there will be twice the space. Even if it is full, you will be able to leave the bike on top and carry on with your day.

Now, if you would like to attend the Olympic games in Paris by using a bike, Velib 2 will allow it. They can now create new stations in just 30 minutes. This is to put stations next to events like music festivals and, as I mentioned, the Olympic games. These stations will be powered by solar panels and allow big events to have another way to access it.

If you are not yet fascinated with Velib 2 then, well I don’t know what will convince you, as for me, you’ll see me rolling next year.

contrinbutor: V. Ayala

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