7 September 2017
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Who’s going for a swim?

All Parisians adore the swimming pool “des Amiraux” in the 18th district. It was closed since 2015, now it’s about to reopen. Quick we need it!! It became famous especially after a scene was shot in the oscar winning “Amelie Poulain” film. Swimmers also appreciate it for its architectural Art Déco style. Listed as a […]

6 September 2017
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Thanks to l’Aerosol, there is now a story to tell!!

The evolution of urban cultures in Paris carries on at 54 rue de l’Evangile, in the 18th district, “the most densely railway tracked borough in the city”. This new ephemeral spot already labelled as the “graffiti temple” has just been inaugurated. It thrives in a 5-hectare plot belonging to the national railway company SNCF, the […]

21 June 2016
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Paris in Summer

Just when you thought getting in and around Paris using public transport was already efficient, here’s what happened. As you know, we already had the hop-on hop-off bicycles, the “Vélib” (10 year anniversary), then the “Autolib” zipcar (fifth year anniversary). Now we’ve simply got the electric scooter. Allelujah, about time eh? Goodbye to noise and […]

21 May 2016
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Popular Front exhibition at Paris Hotel de Ville

I won’t teach you anything here but there is often rain between two sunny spells! Paris is no exception and unfortunately it doesn’t boast a micro climate. The weather being a bit unstable at the moment, and rather than having to dodge through the rain, here’s a smart idea to find shelter if you happen […]

15 May 2016
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Roland Garros 2016

If you’re a lover of tennis, travelling all the way to watch the French Open here’s a few tips. Or perhaps you’re the odd one out of the family just accompanying your family and not so hooked on the sport. Then why not have a break between matches and take the opportunity to discover Paris. […]

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