16 January 2014
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George! where are you?

A journey into the world of Georges Braque   Well the Braque exhibition is over at Grand Palais. If you didn’t make it there you probably saved yourself some time (We strongly recommend skip the line tickets for any exhibition at Grand Palais – lines are always horrendous. No tickets can mean up to 2 […]

16 October 2013
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The second half of October is going to be very ART DECO!   – As in the roaring 20’s, the saga continues with Paris being at the forefront of ART DECO with an exhibition held at La Cité de l’Architecture. It is starting today Wednesday 16th October 2013 until Monday 17th February 2014. Again, Paris […]

30 September 2013
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What to do in Paris this fall 2013

You’ll be spoilt for choice! There are so many exhibitions to choose from, here’s an appetizer.   – Georges Braque – Grand Palais – 18th September 2013 to 6th January 2014 Always with a trick up his sleeve, Georges Braque is recognised for being one of the initiators of cubism and the inventor of the […]

2 July 2013
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Shedding new light on the Mona Lisa!

So, just to refresh everyone’s memory with some background information first. Leonardo da Vinci completed the Mona Lisa between 1503 and 1506 in Florence. In 1518, the French Renaissance King François 1st acquires the painting and keeps it at Amboise. Only in 1797 is it then transferred to the Louvre in Paris. In 1911, Vincenzo […]

15 April 2013
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A Versailles delicacy

Well here it is ! My very first article takes me down memory lane reviving past emotions, plunging as far back as the early ’80s. I was already drooling just at the thought of going back to the crêperie (French pancakes restaurant) and boy was I right. This place hasn’t changed at all !! Françette […]

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