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26 November 2017
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The universal museum Louvre Abu Dhabi

If you are a fan of museums, art and history then you must add visiting the brand-new Louvre Abu Dhabi to your bucket list. Join the excitement of the first ever western museum dedicated to art and civilization in the Arab world. Let me give you a description of the project, its origins, the positive and negative aspects and a brief […]

6 September 2017
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Thanks to l’Aerosol, there is now a story to tell!!

The evolution of urban cultures in Paris carries on at 54 rue de l’Evangile, in the 18th district, “the most densely railway tracked borough in the city”. This new ephemeral spot already labelled as the “graffiti temple” has just been inaugurated. It thrives in a 5-hectare plot belonging to the national railway company SNCF, the […]

22 January 2014
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Paintings come Alive

Completely surreal!! Here’s what you get when you match art with technology!   Italian filmmaker Stefano Rino had the bright idea to compile 100 masterpieces of art history and to bring those paintings to life in a hypnotic video. It opens with a sequence composed of enchanting landscapes and a majority of French paintings from […]

2 July 2013
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Shedding new light on the Mona Lisa!

So, just to refresh everyone’s memory with some background information first. Leonardo da Vinci completed the Mona Lisa between 1503 and 1506 in Florence. In 1518, the French Renaissance King François 1st acquires the painting and keeps it at Amboise. Only in 1797 is it then transferred to the Louvre in Paris. In 1911, Vincenzo […]

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