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Your guide is here to help you skip the line!

Tired of waiting in line under the rain or simply queuing to get tickets? I don’t blame you. Your personal guide provides optimal comfort and logistics to visit any museum. As a licensed guide, I have accreditation to take you, in and around Paris but also to virtually any site in France.

The Louvre isn’t such a maze anymore when you’ve been there several times!
But if it’ s your first visit, you could be wander around endlessly, trying to find your way, reading the museum map. Reaching a specific room that’s of interest to you can sometimes be a painful experience. Even though it was partly renovated to modern standards the Louvre is still an old palace and therefore not always very functional for a building. The Louvre can be tiring. Having a guide makes the entire experience more relaxed and pleasant, let alone if you’re travelling with children. We’ll go straight to the point, skip the lines, show you the highlights or rooms that are of interest to you and I will make sure that your batteries won’t run out, because you’ll simply need them for the rest of the day!!


Museum tours normally take between 2 – 2.5 hours

It’s a tough call, there is such a vast offer. Whether you prefer Antiquity, Renaissance, Impressionist or Cubist painters. Or perhaps Greek sculpture or  even visiting Rodin’s beautiful gardens scattered with bronze pieces, there are really plenty of museums in Paris to choose from.
And remember, whatever you can’t do this time you’ll do next time – because you’ll be back in Paris one day I’m sure.


The Louvre / Musée d’Orsay / Musée Rodin / Musée Picasso / Musée Carnavalet / Montmartre to name but a few…


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