Paris in Summer

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Just when you thought getting in and around Paris using public transport was already efficient, here’s what happened.
As you know, we already had the hop-on hop-off bicycles, the “Vélib” (10 year anniversary), then the “Autolib” zipcar (fifth year anniversary). Now we’ve simply got the electric scooter. Allelujah, about time eh? Goodbye to noise and polution.

A smartphone app will allow users to find the electric powered scooters, making it possible to find the nearest vehicle through an interactive map. then they will be hired by the minute. Once at destination, simply place the vehicule in any street, where parking for two wheelers is free.
A 4 digit code used to unlock the scooter and retrieve the helmet in the trunk
The top-case contains an adjustable helmet, headwear and standard security documents and accessories.

Cityscoot have been testing this service for about a year in real conditions and the 150 first scooters will be available for hire starting today Tuesday June 21 in Paris. Roughly one thousand scooters will be scattered across Paris by March 2017 but initially the covered area will only be about a third of Paris, the hyper centre, and will expand progressively over the coming months.
The entire operation should be complete for Paris roughly in November with about 500 machines

Cityscoot has ambitious goals and has already set eyes on provincial and other european cities


Secondly, Shepard Fairey, aka Obey Giant presents its Earth Crisis exhibition at the Itinerrance Gallery from June 24 to July 30
Obey is one of the biggest names in the international street art scene and one of the most influential.

Born in South Carolina he currently lives in Los Angeles and has a passion for skateboarding. He became known for his famous stickers. As a printmaker, illustrator, muralist, stickers rapidly evolving into stencils, collages, graffiti have no secrets!
His anti-authoritarian slogan Obey is inspired from the film “They Live” by John Carpenter, asserting itself as a very powerful brand name. Today, it’s gone totally worldwide on hats and t-shirts.

With its parodied propaganda twist, the art of Shepard Fairey oscillates between the pop art of Andy Warhol and the constructivism of Alexander Rodchenko.

“Earth Crisis” will unveil a host of new works: books, paintings on canvas and paper, a new series of six prints in letterpress, sculptures representing reproductions of the globe.

Outside the exhbition, Shepard Fairey will create three new frescoes in Paris’ walls.

Obey’s “Earth Crisis” exhibition only has one goal: Celebrate the Planet!

From June 24 to July 30 at Galerie Itinerrance, 7bis Rue René Goscinny, 75013 Paris.

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