Roland Garros 2016

15 May 2016
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If you’re a lover of tennis, travelling all the way to watch the French Open here’s a few tips. Or perhaps you’re the odd one out of the family just accompanying your family and not so hooked on the sport. Then why not have a break between matches and take the opportunity to discover Paris. Hire a perfectly bilingual private tour guide. A guide who knows Paris like the palm of his hand and a licensed one of course!
Roland-Garros is one of the most sought after sporting events this summer. The temple of french tennis is located in Paris near the Porte d’Auteuil, south west of Paris near the bois de boulogne. Every year RG is broadcasted by national television France2 and France3. You could even watch it on live streaming. If you’re stranded somewhere in Paris use the ipad and check francetvsport.
Favorites to win the tournament this year are Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. I hear you say, what a surprise eh?! And on the women’s front you can count on Serena Williams of course. Roland-Garros ATP championship will start from today Sunday 15th May with the qualifying stages and run up until the final on Sunday 5th June. That’s three weeks of running after the yellow ball.

From experience, I personnally prefer going to RG on the first week for the first or second round round, simply because the atmosphere is laid back and fun. On a sunny day, the vibe is great. For a handful of euros you can gain access to most of the courts. However just before the quarter final stage, things get a lot trickier. If you don’t have tickets, you can wait in line to buy tickets on the day. I have a vivid memory of waiting for hours when suddenly the ticket booths opened. The lines just desintegrated and everyone stepped out of their disciplined attitude, ready to trample their neighbour to guarantee their tickets. I guess that’s human nature right?
All is not lost, there is an official resale service to grab tickets. Be careful with black market and illegal resale!
So of course, the best way to experience this is to get a package deal that will allow you to see virtually all the matches without the hassle of having to grab tickets. Pricy of course but certainly worth the comfort, especially if you’re travelling from abroad.
Don’t forget suncream and umbrella (can also be use for the sun sometimes you know!). Yes at this time of year it can be rain or shine of course.
Roland-Garros must be one of the toughest competitions in the world. Epic matches on clay often lasting 5 sets, sometimes spread over two days. Top of the art tennis skills required to play on such a surface but most of all an excellent physical condition is imperative as players will sweat it out on the court. So, are we ready to transcend? What’s needed really is stamina but also resilience, more resilience and even more resilience. Let the best man win!


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