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6 September 2017
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The evolution of urban cultures in Paris carries on at 54 rue de l’Evangile, in the 18th district, “the most densely railway tracked borough in the city”. This new ephemeral spot already labelled as the “graffiti temple” has just been inaugurated. It thrives in a 5-hectare plot belonging to the national railway company SNCF, the “Hébert” site, located between Aubervilliers and La Chapelle Paris gates. A superb opportunity to discover and cast a new light over a residential sector that was underlooked and never attracted attention.

Since summer, up until next January, 400 hundred works all from private collections are being exhibited in one of the former control rooms of this early 20th century freight station. These works will embellish and feed the “Wall of fame” of the new street art mecca, spreading over 1,200m2 (13,000 sq ft) and managed by the collective “Maquis-art” (word play with the french resistants hiding in the maquis – a mountainous area – during WWII). Some outstanding works and boy…!!! there are some big names here – Invader, Bansky, JonOne, Blek the Rat, Crash, Shepard Fairey… as if to almost finally reconcile the SNCF with the graffiti tag and “train coach vandalism” it suffered all this time. Outside, on more of 3 800 m2 (40,000 sq ft) of terraces – tagged of course 😉 you’ll find the winning combo, the recipe for success of ephemeral places: foodtrucks, bars, pétanque courts, DJ sets, rollerdance …

The spot has already welcomed 15,000 visitors in August, locals and Paris region residents galore. An all in one space for creation, showcasing, promoting art and of course hype! A massive success according to the boss of SNCF real estate, who’s reminding us that this “urbanism in transition” only has one objective, to create a spark and trigger a smooth transition between the industrial wasteland and the future building project”. Why are they always wanting to wreck the place?!? Give us some museums, parks so that kids can play outside, swimming pools, theatres, but not those ugly concrete buildings!! SNCF real estate plans to develop a whole new district: 1,500 new inhabitants are expected there, schools, as well as 4,000 m2 of public space in one stretch and a planted promenade along the railway lines which will connect 6,5 ha of gardens to the adjacent future “Chapelle Charbon” district. Time will tell whether the urban project will retain this spirit of street art. Let’s not kid ourselves. Go there before it’s overtaken by a horde of cranes!!

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