1 – Historic centre

You’ll find here Paris’ major landmarks.

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Along the river Seine

This is the very heart of Paris. Meandering through the two islands, taking in the river Seine bridges and going all the way towards the Louvre’s famous square with its glass pyramid. As you watch Paris unfold before your very eyes you will realise every street corner has a story to tell.





The Latin Quarter

Forget the tourist traps and souvenir shops ! This is probably one of the best places to search for history ! In fact this isn’t just the medieval quarter, there is almost 2,000 years of history on the left bank. And the icing on the cake : you may also walk in the footsteps of famous writers, philosophers and scholars.




The Marais

Beautiful mansions called « hôtels particuliers » were built here, expressing the genius of the French Renaissance. They remain important evidence to 16th, 17th and 18th century architecture.
During the 17th century the Marais was the capital of the civilized world. It was synonymous with serenity and luxury. No area in Paris today has such a strong personality.






Both the bohemian and free thinking area of Paris. It attracts never ending crowds year after year. One after another, many painters settled here because rent was cheap. Some of them were to become some of the most fabulous artists the 19th century ever witnessed. Montmartre has a history that is unique that goes far beyond clichés of cabarets and Parisian « Guinguettes ». It’s both a very unique neighborhood, with a wonderful range of ecclectic attractions. A lot of street art on the walls, a village with a soul and also one with many secrets left untold. And as an added bonus you will be thrilled by the most impressive views over the city. Remind me to bring my binoculars  ; -)

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