Who’s going for a swim?

7 September 2017

All Parisians adore the swimming pool “des Amiraux” in the 18th district. It was closed since 2015, now it’s about to reopen. Quick we need it!! It became famous especially after a scene was shot in the oscar winning “Amelie Poulain” film. Swimmers also appreciate it for its architectural Art Déco style.

Listed as a historic monument in 1993, “Les Amiraux” has embarked on an ecological revolution in 2015. It has been launched into the 21st century, while retaining the charm that capsized Amélie Poulain.

This landmark is the work of Henri Sauvage, also the architect behind the Samaritaine Art Deco superstore. The district of the Amiraux has always been cutting edge, at the forefront of technology since 1927, with 78 hygienist housing units. At the time it became the first area equipped with water treatment facilities and central heating system preventing condensation. To top it off the swimming pool was located at the heart of the neighborhood. You could indeed almost relate to the roman baths being at the center of the city!

This is a 10 million euro project managed by the City Council. New thermal systems, modernisation of the structure, a will to go back to natural light as originally designed, along with the refurbishment of mosaics and earthenware, wooden cabin doors…

Put on your bathers and jump in the pool from October 15, 2017! Single entry rates are 3.5€. Metro Simplon on Line 4. Enjoy, I certainly will.

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